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Niche Gourmet imports fine chocolates from some of the longest running companies in Europe. They are created with time honored tradition and care to every detail of production.

Butlers, established in 1932, is Ireland's leading luxury chocolate producer. Butlers chocolates are elegantly hand-crated and packaged in sophistication.

Reber exquisite chocolate products are made with quality of the highest level. A family business since 1865, Reber uses only the finest refined raw materials. The packaging of Reber specialties present themselves with nobility and exclusivity, with Reber-red and golden imprinting. The Genuine Reber Mozart Kugeln® is made with fresh green pistachios, exquisite marzipan, high quality praline and fine bittersweet and Alpine milk chocolate.

The Hachez couverture, available in 77% and 88% is of special note due to its 72 hour conching process and its highly refined texture – a must for discerning chefs.

Since 1844, Schladerer has been distilling the finest fruits available to make the famous Brandy that fills the one of a kind fruit Pralines.

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